Adventure Fishing Charters

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of locals who have spent decades getting out there and catching (or at least ‘telling you about’) the big ones.

Sometimes it all goes to plan and you do not need any more knowledge that what you have now. The trip goes as expected and you land yourself a trophy fish.. But  sometimes things don’t always go to plan, or you find yourself somewhere unexpected. This is where (with the right preparation) excitement and adventure can found. 

We are a team comprised of writers who have created content on where to go, and how to catch your adventure prize. If it all goes well you may not need to apply anything you read in these pages…however it you find yourself in the unknown then something you read in our adventures may just help you turn a ‘not so good day fishing’ into one of the best experiences ever!


Our Vision

We are proud of our website that is equipped with everything you need for your journey when it comes to content. Whether you want to spend a night with your loved ones under the starry night sky of New Zealand or if you want to spend the entire day catching some amazing game fish, we are here for your entertainment. You can get fine cuisine, media entertainments, and even better, some of the best stories that our crew have. All of this is discussed in the pages of this website where we write article and reviews etc on all things to do with fishing’.

In addition we also bring you the best content on what is happening in the NZ fishing scene. This includes news, forecasting, and some of the rare finds and crazy fish we and our clients have caught. Stay tuned for upcoming content.

It's all about the thrill of the chase... so get out there and get yourself a big one!