Adventure Fishing Charters

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of locals who have spent decades providing the best experience for our clients. Our jobs have always been around the waters of New Zealand, so we are very familiar with the area. We know the mating season, when some adventure game fish are grown, and where to expect them.

But things don’t always go our ways when it comes to hunting, this is where adventure is found. We are a team comprised of writers who will put content on where to go, and how to catch your adventure prize.


Our Vision

We are also proud of our website that is equipped with everything you need for your journey when it comes to content. Whether you want to spend a night with your loved ones under the starry nights of New Zealand or if you want to spend the entire day catching some amazing game fish, we are here for your entertainment. You can get fine cuisine, media entertainments, and even better, some of the best stories that our crew has, all of that will be discussed in our website where we write article reviews on these services. 

We also bring you the best content about the adventure as well as content on New Zealand Adventure fishing. This includes news, forecasting, and some of the rare find we and our clients have caught. Stay tuned for upcoming content.

Our mission

We have a lot of missions for,

We have a lot of missions for, but the most important one is to bring value to your experience in New Zealand. We are more than certain that you will enjoy your stay here. We let you know about charters that are suited to the type of fishing you like to do or the type you’re more comfortable with when we cover it in our posts which are always equipped with reliable information you can trust. 

You can also check our content on the blog section. We put a lot of articles that can help you pick the area you want to have your adventure in.