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Trust us! We know exactly how it feels when you go out with friends to the depths of the ocean to catch the fish of your dreams because this is our experience on a daily basis. Our goal here is to help you with that once in a lifetime experience to be had as much as you want. We have helped many people check off boxes in their life goals by catching notorious fish we had to hunt for hours in the beautiful waters of New Zealand. 

Are you ready for that once in a lifetime experience?

Put your trust in our team, we are locals who know the waters of Turangi, Haast River, West Coast, Bay of Islands, Northland, Stewart Island, Southland, and so many more like the back of our hand. We spent decades there and we know every grain of sand. However, we are always up for a challenge when it comes to adventure. Some of the fish we catch with our clients are outright unbelievable. 

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We can let you know about all sorts of venues, scenes, food, and entertainment services to your liking. You can check out our content which will go into detail about every single topic of adventure fishing charters. Our articles will include how to have an experience like no other along with other tips.

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If your goal is to have the best experience without having to worry about external things, then is the place to go. We thought outside the box and we can guarantee that you will have everything you need for your enjoyment. Our crew is all about being efficient when it comes to the adventure.

Experience the glory of New Zealand Waters:

People from all over the world come to see Queenstown, Bay of Islands, Hobbiton, Tongariro National Park, and so on. These are all marvelous places worth visiting. But if you really want to take your experience to the next level, then come to adventure fishing charters where we will take you to the most beautiful waters to catch some of the best fish. Every client who hires us becomes infatuated with the beauty of the starry nights they spend in the ocean. 

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bring you the best content about the adventure as well as content on New Zealand Adventure fishing. This includes news, forecasting, and some of the rare find we and our clients have caught. Stay tuned for upcoming content.
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We have a lot of missions for, but the most important one is to bring value to your experience in New Zealand. We are more than certain that you will enjoy your stay here. We let you know about charters that are suited to the type of fishing you like to do or the type you’re more comfortable with when we cover it in our posts which are always equipped with reliable information you can trust. 

You can also check our content on the blog section. We put a lot of articles that can help you pick the area you want to have your adventure in.